Got mail this morning from

Got mail this morning from Matt who asks “what is TPL?”….
I guess that I haven’t really explained what TPL is. It’s a game in the Telegraph newspaper – you pick a team of football players from the English Premier League (TPL=Telegraph Premier League). Each week a table is published in the paper showing how many points they scored (5 for a goal, 3 for helping to get a goal [=key contribution], 5 for the goalkeeper if he doesn’t let any goals in, deduct 2 for upsetting the referee, etc etc etc). You can buy and sell players (each player has a value) but you are only allowed 24 transfers during the year, and your team mustn’t exceed the maximum value allowed (the best players cost more). At the end of the year, the team with the most points wins a big prize (I think ¬£10,000). Also, you can get together with friends to have a mini-league within the bigger game – I’m 19th in our mini-league and about 50,000th in the national league.
Does that make sense?
Matt also asks about my marketing course, and how long I have to go…..well, I’ve got exams in two weeks. they mark the halfway point, with another 18 months to go until I’ve completed the PostGraduate Diploma. Then I have to go to seminars and things for a year to earn sufficient CPD points (continuous professional development) to get “Chartered Marketer” status. Then I’ll be able to put letters after my name – MCIM.
of course, that timetable assumes that I pass all my exams first time, which is by no means guaranteed.
and what I do with the qualification once I have it…who knows? suggestions welcome