When the boy with the

When the boy with the hammer in the paper bag stands up to cheer
then you stand up to cheer.
That boy really knows how to accessorize
it’s the best look we’ve seen all year.
And he raises his hammer to the magic act
who gets all mad and says: “I should be in Vegas”
says: “You don’t need to know how to breathe fire
to see a hunger for pain that’s endless”
and then the Mill Valley Man starts tap dancing to “Midnight Cowboy”
and suddenly there’s sirens outside
but it’s only someone’s family home burning down next door.
Don’t worry people – no need to hide.
And then the Colonel starts playing tambourine
– it was so funny we were rolling.
We were laughing in the face of the pain of the family next door
too fucked up to feel anything.
If that’s what you want – well it’s nothing.

The boy with the hammer in the paper bag is feeling lonely
– gee, I wonder why?
He says: “Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia”
staring at the stripper
reflecting only sky.
But he was really harmless;
he only used the hammer to smash the windows of the parked cars on his way home
that look back at him in accusation and say:
no one’s gonna catch you when you fall all alone.

But if that’s what you want, it’s nothing.

Mark Eitzel: The Boy With The Hammer.