Beer last night in the

Beer last night in the company of Brenda, Greg, Al, Kearn and Stein, with glimpses of Bora, Zoltan (yes, that is his name), Paul S, Simone and Kristian. Very pleasant. And a good long slumber afterwards was welcome too.

Much talk in the media

Much talk in the media this morning about yesterday’s grand prix in Monaco. Here’s my opinion: David Coulthard and McLaren are sore losers. I think that Bernoldi was perfectly entitled to defend his position for two reasons – it gave a chance for his team mate, Jos Verstappen, to get ahead a little, and given that cars were falling off left right and centre, Bernoldi must have been in with a realistic chance of getting into the points. Coulthard has to face up to the fact that he does not have the right to barge past other drivers just because the defective technology in his car has left him at the back of the grid.

And, in the news tonight:Starbucks

And, in the news tonight:

  • Starbucks are to open a branch in Chichester, in the old Granada rentals shop in North Street
  • the works to make the city centre pedestrian friendly continue, but I can’t see much more friendliness yet, just a forest of signs
  • I was wound up today online, twice
  • I have a date for tomorrow

More bulletins as events warrant.

Classic TV moment: just caught

Classic TV moment: just caught the beginning of the Grand Prix as I went in to the house here at work to fetch my lunch. Martin Brundle on the grid at Monaco: “Oh look, there’s Puff Daddy. Shall we go say hello? How do we do this? ‘Hello Mr Daddy’?”
Utter class – one of the funniest pieces of sports journalism I have ever seen – tears were rolling down my cheeks.
Also, looks like a good day for Ferrari supporters (like me).

Tonight (and I mean Saturday

Tonight (and I mean Saturday night):
beer with Arron, Cat, her mate Karen (hmm), Paul S, Tim W and, of course, Kristian, Al, Simone, Leah, Ginny (lovely!) and Joel. Mostly a relaxed evening. More tomorrow in lieu of revision, especially as it is Al’s last night in W2.
And anyone who doesn’t think that Meltdown (the last track on the new Orbital album) is the best thing since bread came in the sliced format is clearly sick in the head.

This morning, the sky was

This morning, the sky was overcast and grey, and the cathedral spire pointed into a thin grey mist. Weather which perfectly reflects my mood.
I haven’t woken up feeling this down for weeks. I know why too. Somehow I have got to beat it, but I’m not sure how. And there aren’t many people around to lift my spirits tonight either. guh.