Update (and I know you

Update (and I know you are all waiting with baited breath for this):
Ginny wasn’t in the bar by the time I got there. Which is probably a good thing. I reckon she’ll have forgotten about the whole thing by now, so I can go on with life just as normal. Cool.
Drinks with the pulchritudinous Tam (who so needs a good massage – so much tension in those shoulder muscles!), Arron (what?! no chocs?!), Paul F (back from holiday, tanned and with his drug-dealer shirt on – and don’t ask about the squid), Clive (who will be starting work at 4.30am – mad), Matt (who apparently got his end away in his hair salon the other day, but we don’t think it was captured on this webcam which is located there), Aris (needs a wig for the full Ginola effect, we feel), and Ian (a one-man smoke machine). Also seen were Sal, DJ, Agnes, Kristian, Leah (looking the worse for wear after a major session last night) and Joel. A really good end to the day – relaxing with friends over a few beers.
And, in time-honoured tradition, and just to satisfy a very small number of readers who expect me to say this: I’ve had a few beers, and I’m really tired, so I’m going to bed now, in the company of EvilDuvet II.