I got an email today

I got an email today from Genie telling me that my phone had now been sent to the warehouse for packing. I found this slightly disturbing, and reminiscent of the emails that you might get from IT3C just before your package gets lost on Mount Fuji.

This morning, Seamus (my parents’

This morning, Seamus (my parents’ cat) was asleep outside – a sure indicator of fine weather. However, about 11.30 he moved indoors. Sure enough, within 15 minutes, it started raining, followed by thunder and lightning. Who needs the Met Office?

The good news is that

The good news is that there is a new version of Reblogger in development. Its creator has asked for feedback from users and ideas for the new version – as you guys use it here, go over to his site and throw in your suggestions.

I think I might take

I think I might take the day off tomorrow – I’ve a few errands to run and jobs to tidy up.
Admittedly, not the most exciting thing I’ve posted here – it’s a bit of a slow news day.

got pissed tonight with Nick,

got pissed tonight with Nick, Anne (newlyweds – and very happy too – congratulations!), Michael, Chris (Michael’s mate), Arron, Sarah, and the eternally gorgeous Abs and Polly. Thanks for helping me celebrate my exam success guys – what top friends you are!
Actually, I could do with a hug right now. Yeah, I know I’ve had a few beers, and that’s the way everyone who is single and has had a few beers and walked home on their own feels – but it’s true, I’d like a hug.

This morning, Ev at Blogger

This morning, Ev at Blogger revived the blog search function which used to be offered there and collapsed under the strain at the beginning of the year. Within a matter of hours, he had pulled it.
Why bother relaunching it in the first place? Surely, with his experience of the fate of the last incarnation of the search function, he would have realised that the demand for it would be enormous, especially in view of the massive growth in Blogger usage. I don’t think he has done anything to enhance the reputation of Blogger, which I was beginning to think was improving following the problems with reliability and server performance that plagued it in the first few months of this year (when so many users switched to other ways of powering their sites, or even gave up entirely). Surely it is common sense to make sure that something is robust enough *before* you launch it?