Contrary to popular belief, terrorist

Contrary to popular belief, terrorist bombs are not the sole preserve of London. A few years back, the IRA planted and detonated a bomb just down the road in Bognor Regis – the explosion could be heard here at work, five miles away. And even us poor provincial folk are alert – earlier this year, a suspicious package was blown up near the Rousillon Barracks in Chichester, just 500 metres from my home, although it only turned out to be someone’s shopping I think.
It has to be said though: how can anyone possibly respect an organisation that targets pubs in busy streets, or even flower beds in seaside resorts? Compare these two attacks with the Tamil Tigers recent attack on Colombo Airport and air force base – a heavily defended and well guarded site, certainly much harder to target than either of the targets the Republicans have chosen. The Irish terrorists should be careful – the Omagh bombing did more to damage their cause than strengthen it, and they are in danger of making the same mistake again.