OK – day report: up

OK – day report:
up early, then ran a few chores and errands before heading round to Ian’s house to go to the races with Ian, Sacha, DAGS, James, Jayne, Dom, Emma, Stein, Simon, Jeremy, Kearn, Paul C and Tam. A disastrous day at the hands of the bookies – two wins and one place did little to offset the losses, but it was good fun nonetheless, and I’ve been flattered by the number of people who said I looked “sharp” in my blazer, smart trews, shirt and new yellow tie.
Then back to Ian’s in DAGS’s sick car before heading to Pizza Express for a very relaxing meal, followed by beers in the Nags and W2 in the company of the aforementioned posse, plus Matt, Clive, DA, Paul F, Arron, Tim W, Joel, Simone and new-person-behind-the-bar-Katy.
Now I’m absolutely exhausted. The last thing I want to do is go to work tomorrow. It doesn’t help that I am less than bouyant, although that is probably drink-induced (and rain aided).