It may be wet outside.

It may be wet outside. It may be grey. It may be windy and thoroughly unpleasant.
But in this office, it is a warm summer evening, sitting in a smart bar in some classy Mediterranean city, looking out over the harbour and people watching, courtesy of Monkey Radio who are playing some very cool tunes this morning.

It’s chucking it down. A

It’s chucking it down. A very wet pile of fur that used to be the cat has just walked into the office, leaving a trail of wet muddy footprints across the floor.
AFF – I almost feel I can talk about this again, having scored an almost respectable 12 points in week 6 to take my score to 22, lifting me, Southampton style, from last place to very-nearly-last place in the league. Still need to do some transfers though.
UPDATE: So, imagine yourself as a cold wet cat. You need to get warm and dry. Where do you go? Ah yes – you go and sit on the lap of that nice warm person working at his desk. It doesn’t matter that, by doing so, you will make said warm dry person damp and wet. Oh no. grrr.

I like nothing more than

I like nothing more than making people happy. And never more so than when the person concerned is particularly lovely.
There is a competition on this page. It’s not hard to find, though it isn’t obvious (mainly because I can’t afford to give out too many prizes!). And it isn’t easy either. ‘Ave a go, if ya fink yur ‘ard enuff.

Mood enhanced this morning by

Mood enhanced this morning by a chirpy email from someone I’ve not heard from in a while (hello Liv!), something that swiftly dispensed with the merlot-induced fuzziness that I was suffering.