A night in, featuring: revision

A night in, featuring:

  • revision (ugh!)
  • listening to Hitch Hiker’s Guide on Radio 4 (yay! – but the last episode – boo!)
  • munching pistachios – buy two packs, save £1 at Waitrose (bargain!)
  • splendid food – chicken and vegetables in rustic tomato and chilli sauce on a bed of basmati and wild rice (and enough for tomorrow’s dinner too – I had one of those galloping gourmet moments [argument rages as to whether I was named for Graham Kerr or Graham Hill – see me in the kitchen and it’s Kerr, in a car and it’s Hill!])
  • good music, thanks to Aerial M, Monkey Radio and John Peel, in that order (wide!)
  • a bottle of pinot grigio from Waitrose – only £3.99 and bloody gorgeous (hic!)
  • gorgeous chocolate mousse for dessert
  • all to be followed by listening to Gilles Peterson from between clean crisp sheets whilst devouring an excellent paperback

All that is missing is someone to share it all with.