A brief expedition in to

A brief expedition in to the city centre for late night shopping this evening featured a sighting of Paul S, a quick chat with Camilla, and purchases of one present, some wrapping paper and some cards – which is pretty much what I set out to do. Dismayed that Waterstones was closed by 7pm though – they must be losing an awful lot of business.

Well, I have to say

Well, I have to say that today’s exam (Wednesday’s) went much better than yesterday’s. Not that I’m exactly pleased with what I wrote down, but I feel that I did enough to pass, even if only just. Now I am absolutely shattered, so relieved that it is over and done. There’s nothing I can do about it now – just wait for my results. I know I tried hard. I’m not sure I did as well as I know I can, but I tried hard. Top marks to poor Frances, streaming with flu, who dragged herself through the exam. Respect due (just hope I didn’t get her germs, being sat next to her).
After the exam, I went for beer with Andrew, Chris, Leigh, Charlotte, Helen, Patrick, David, Heather, Ollie, Libby and Geoff, and later met up with Malcolm, Gary, Tim, Claire and Paul F, with a sighting of Julie and also Andy M. I feel as though a great weight has been lifted from me.
Now I’m at home, chilling, and listening to Gilles Peterson who is playing some very cool tunes. Right now I could easily collapse into a gibbering sobbing heap. I sooooooo need a hug. But then I am a bit feeble like that.

Forgot to say I went

Forgot to say I went to the pub on Sunday night with Bren, Greg, Paul F, Heidi and Michael. Very relaxing. I could do with some relaxation now.

Today’s exam was supposed to

Today’s exam was supposed to be the easier of the two. Now I am really worried about tomorrow. I completely screwed part A (worth 40%) but think I did moderately well on part B (worth 60%). I’m hoping that somewhere out of that I managed to get the 51% overall that is required to pass. I’m not desperately optimistic about it, it has to be said. Still, not much can be done about it now. I’ll just have to wait until I get the result at the end of February, and, if I’ve failed, retake it in June.
In the meantime, having just had a nap to recharge, it is back into the revision notes so that I’m slightly less unprepared for tomorrow than I am at the moment.