Cool – I’ve now got

Cool – I’ve now got plans to see me through until 2002. So, sorry folks, the diary is now, officially, full for the rest of the year. Well, all except Friday night (which will be a trip to the Nags I suspect) and next Sunday night (probably staying in so that I’m fully rested ready for the NYE shenanigans).

I’ve just been to Waitrose.

I’ve just been to Waitrose. It took me nearly two hours to do my shopping, but at least it is done. In spite of the crowds, the atmosphere in the store was really friendly, with strangers in queues laughing and joking and helping each other with their shopping. However, if I find I’ve forgotten anything, I think I’ll just live without it – I don’t really want to go back there today or tomorrow.

Beer (and vodka and tonic)

Beer (and vodka and tonic) last night with Bren (new job! yay!), Greg, Julie, Caroline, Sally and Viv, with sightings of Helen, Jo, Alison C, as well as (inevitably) Dave, Gary, Tim and Malcolm. After the pub, headed back with Sally to Viv’s place to munch on Chinese food and play with Viv’s cats, Kev and Kitty. I still bear the scars.

It would be shame if

It would be shame if funding was cut for the ISS (news report), but I can see why people might question the reasons for building it. Maybe NASA needs to embark on a marketing campaign to persuade politicians and the public alike that the ISS is a worthwhile investment with clearly defined goals.