Oh joy. Tonight is the

Oh joy. Tonight is the first night of the new term at college. I can barely wait.
But, if I passed my exams before Christmas (unlikely – results at the end of February), and I pass my exams in June, then this will be the last term. Hurrah! And then I’ll have my diploma, my cap and gown, and the world will be my oyster. Or something.
But I soooo don’t want to go to college. I mean, I want to finish my course, which is actually really interesting. And I definitely want to see everyone again. But I just don’t want to have to drag myself to college after work for three exciting hours with Eric (the tutor) droning on in the monotone he gets stuck in. I’d rather stay at home and veg out tonight.
But I’ll go. Because if I skipped the class, I’d feel guilty. And it wouldn’t help me pass the exams, which I want to do more than anything.