Beer (wine and whisky) last

Beer (wine and whisky) last night with Paul F, Paul C, Kearn and Arron, then with Nick, Anne and Anne’s lovely sister Susan. Was doing olympic-standard slurring by the end of the evening, when I staggered home through the fog at some ungodly hour.
Really tired today, and a bit hungover. Serves me right I guess.
Just been for a stroll around the city, and, unusually, didn’t bump into or see anybody that I know. Did succeed in ordering the text I need to read for college (only ¬£17.99 – nice), which was made a little difficult by the assistant’s insistence that it is out of print (it isn’t).
Actuially plan to do a bit of study this afternoon, maybe take a nap, read a bit of Harry Potter, then head out later to do double duty – DAGS birthday bash with tapas at Sadlers, followed by farewell beers for Tim at the Nags.