My parents are sitting watching

My parents are sitting watching Neighbours, and trying to second-guess the plot. Joe Scully is nailing the roof onto Lolly’s new “cubby” whilst Lou Carpenter looks on. Will the whole thing collapse onto the child within? Will Lou’s back give out as he attempts to rescue the injured parties? Will Joe discover that his insurance is invalid? …especially as he can’t read the small print anyway because of his failing eyesight? Will Ethel find her Willy?
The conclusion we came to was that nothing dramatic would occur, as no something’s-going-to-happen music was being played. As a young child, I would always run and hide if there was any film/drama/Dr Who episode on TV that featured something’s-going-to-happen music, and my parents delight in reminding me of this at every available opportunity.

Wow! I was amazingly productive

Wow! I was amazingly productive last night – not only did I write entries here, but I also cooked a splendid dinner and did my college homework. Not to mention drinking half a bottle of Australian chardonnay.
Of course, as a consequence of all that activity, I’m shattered this morning. But I’ve got post-college dinner to look forward to, so I’ll have to gather energy from somewhere.

Well, let’s go look at

Well, let’s go look at what is going on out in the rest of UKBloggerland (ok, I’m bored, and I’m lacking original material for this site. I’m also prevaricating about cooking dinner and doing my college homework. And it’s a pathetic excuse for a spot of linkwhoring. But then this is a pathetic excuse for a website – don’t say that I’m not honest about it.):

  • Marcia is wondering about fascists
  • Dan reasserts his intellectual credentials with some meaningless postmodernism
  • Paul arses around
  • Mo ponders memetics
  • Meg considers the hokey-cokey
  • Vaughan obfuscates
  • Nick gets paranoid
  • Emma continues to take the Grayblog-sponsored KayCee award (cheers Luke) for openness
  • Lyssa gets cold
  • Richard becomes an on-the-spot reporter
  • Tom doesn’t stop

And what’s the best I can come up with? A look at my Blogger usage stats. I feel got at.
I’ve also noticed a trend away from permalinks – theories anyone?

Mo speaks, and the masses

Mo speaks, and the masses cower before his wrathful wisdom.
I’d actually like to nominate myself for best left-handed weblog that uses nested tables and doesn’t validate.
<satire>Actually, I think this site should win best left-handed blog.</satire>

There has been much discussion

There has been much discussion amongst UKBloggers of the 100kB per month limit to postings through BloggerPro before the excess usage surcharge kicks in. Well, my usage stats look like this:

Your Blog History
Month Post Length % of 100K Extra Cost
11797 %12 $0  
23386 %23 $0  
39451 %39 $0  
37353 %37 $0  
57514 %58 $0  
58114 %58 $0  
54037 %54 $0  
95503 %96 $0  
57290 %57 $0  
52614 %53 $0  
78720 %79 $0  
54230 %54 $0  
66442 %66 $0  
57814 %58 $0  
51442 %51 $0  
37228 %37 $0  
116441 %116 $3  

As you can see, I’ve tripped over the limit this month, not because I’ve suddenly become more verbose, but because I’ve launched two new (private) blogs for my college colleagues to post our collaborative work on. By their nature, posts to these blogs are very long indeed (each would be equivalent to at least one side of A4).
The thing is, I don’t actually have a major problem with the surcharge – after all, it is only $3 (around ¬£2) per month. But maybe Ev should have set BloggerPro with a slightly higher charge and a higher inclusive postings limit? I also wonder what happens if we start using the new file upload feature of BloggerPro – will that count towards the limit? If so, then 100kB will be reached very quickly by anyone with a photolog.

You can always tell when

You can always tell when the Channel is a bit rough – all the seagulls head inland. This morning I was woken by their laughing screams and calls, and over breakfast I watched them glide in the wind above the houses of my street, as enormous dirty grey clouds scudded across the firmament like giant and bizarrely shaped ships on a wide blue sea.

I’m having a really lazy

I’m having a really lazy Sunday – which I needed, badly. I really should be doing some work for my course, but I really can not find the will or energy today.
As a treat, I’m going to cook myself a splendid roast dinner – chicken and all the trimmings. I haven’t done much cooking at all this week, so it will be good to have some "real" food.