Since the clocks went back

Since the clocks went back on Sunday and it is now officially British Summer Time, I thought I’d celebrate by having an evening in Priory Park with a paperback for a spot of peoplewatching.
The park is slowly beginning to show signs of spring – the cherry trees are laden with blossom, the chestnuts are beginning to unfurl their leaves, and the plants and trees in neighbouring gardens and Jubilee Park are looking good too. Three lads were kicking a football about, each wearing red replica shirts – one each of Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool. Kids were playing in the newly refurbished play area, on the brightly coloured swings, slides and climbing frames. Near my seat, a father was playing cricket with his two young sons, who had full sets of miniature cricketing whites. They were really good – the next Waugh brothers?
I’m looking forward to a long summer of sitting in the park. Needs to be a little warmer yet though – when the sun disappeared behind a low cloud, I got cold pretty quickly, so headed home.