Beer tonight with the jovial

Beer tonight with the jovial James, Jayne, indigestion-ridden Dom, Emma, Matt, Kearn, DA, DAGS, Aris, Paul F and DJ, with sightings of Dave, Sal and the gorgeous Lucy, working her last night in W2 before going to the soon-to-reopen Bull.
Chichester is about to see a deluge of new bars: the Slug and Lettuce in South Street, the Bull in Market Avenue and Brookes in North Street. Add to that the forthcoming conservatory extension to the Nags and you have quite a pub rennaisance in Chichester.
On my way home I was accosted by a mewing tabby and white shorthair cat that proceeded to follow me home. I called the number on the tag on his/her collar, but only got an answering machine (after several attempts). Bit worried that he/she might get run over in the street, although I suspect that it is a she that is seeking a he and will probably end up with the battered black shorthair that I spotted on the city walls.
And my computer fan is making amusing noises. At least they would be amusing if I was convinced that they aren’t expensive noises.
UPDATE: just had a call from the owner of the cat, and she made her way home safely.