I’ve just realised how tiring

I’ve just realised how tiring sitting exams is. I feel exhausted.
I think I did ok in today’s paper. At least I hope so. I’d hate to get a marginal fail. 51% will be enough – that’s all I need.
For those that sat it, I did Part A (obviously), and B3, B4 and B7. B7 was a lovely gift of a question for me, and B4 was pretty straightforward too. B3 was a struggle, as there simply isn’t much to write about PIMS, but hopefully I picked a few marks up there. As for part A – well, I fudged an answer for question 1a based around Porter’s Value Chain. Question 1b was somewhat sneaky in my opinion – had to really rake through the grey matter for Doole and Lowe’s 12Cs, and only managed to come up with ten of them, but I think it’ll be enough.
Predicted grade: C.
Feel more confident about tomorrow’s paper. I’m well prepared. My file is sitting by my desk, ready and waiting. It’s a thick tome, but the core is my strategic marketing plan, just twelve very elegant pages of simplicity.