Oh boy. What a day.

Oh boy. What a day.
Started off well enough – went into the office, then out doing some errands. All seemed to be going fine. Then I got ready to go to college, hopped into the car, drove ten yards up the road and BANG! – I was driven into by an ******** in a red Peugeot driving the wrong way along North Walls (a one-way street). It must have hit me at around 20 or 25 mph, colliding with the front wing and pushing me across the carriageway.
Well, needless to say, there is a lot of damage to the car. What concerned me most was getting to college for my exam! I had to wait for the police to arrive, extract details from the other driver, resist the temptation to thump him one, inform everyone that needed to be informed, and then run off to college. I’d phoned ahead to explain what had happened, and got there about five minutes before the exam started. The invigilators were excellent and gave me a few minutes to go a freshen up and take a few deep breaths.
To say that my stress levels reached a critical level would be an understatement.
The other driver is lucky – the policemen asked me if I wanted to press charges, but said I would have to give a statement. I simply didn’t have time, so he has got away without being taken to court for careless driving. Frankly, he deserves to have his licence torn up.
Now I have to get to work, do some jobs and then meet my fellow students for the post-exam celebrations. I have to wait for the garage to come and pick up the mangled car, and then get to the nursery somehow.
Oh, and the exam! Well, it wasn’t too bad. I completely mismanaged my time, and struggled to answer the third question. But I put in a good answer for question 1 (worth 40%) and a fairly good answer for question 2 (worth 30%). Fingers crossed I did enough. Now to wait for results at the end of August.