Beer tonight with Hev, Libby,

Beer tonight with Hev, Libby, Leigh, Andrew, Patrick, Alan, Lee, Chris and other picture postcards.
Tonight, I finally told someone what I felt about her – in a very professional sense, before you ask. I hope that I will be able to offer what I have promised, for my sake as well as hers.
I need to sleep now. Today has been an extraordinary day. Respect due to Alan and Paul. Major league respect due to Hev – you are one of life’s greatest gems.
Tonight I wish good luck to Paul Murphy and his expectant wife. Good luck to Paul Ankers in all that you do.
Good luck in everything to Heather Martin – one of the finest people you will ever meet, and, I hope, someone I will be working with for a long time to come.
And good luck to Chris West – I wish I had achieved what you have when I was your age.
I’m a big old emotional mess now – best that I go to sleep.
Fingers crossed, heh?