Just when I was beginning

Just when I was beginning to think that this would be a quiet but rather dull night at home, flopping about and not doing much, my neighbours across the road start a domestic in the street. Top value!
Blonde woman who lives at 183 left with her boyfriend about 30 minutes ago. Shortly after, woman with long raven black hair’s boyfriend turned up on his motorbike and went in clutching a video. About twenty minutes later, she stormed out, followed by him. He snatched her car keys from her. There was yelling. She pushed him. He pushed her. More yelling. She stalked back home and slammed the door.
Since then, they’ve been in and out of the house at least three times. There is much pacing about, raised voices and arms waving.

It’s great spectator sport. I’d hate to be involved though.

Oo – door slammed again. Oh dear oh dear. looks like he’s dumped. Mind you, with a hairstyle like his, I can’t blame her.

UPDATE: he’s just stormed out the front door (she yelled something and slammed the door behind him), got on his bike and drove off up a cul de sac. A few minutes, and he’s back and lets himself in.
This is waaaaaay better than Big Brother!

10:13pm, and in the Big Blue Hoose, there’s a big domestic gooin on. Pandemooonium ensoos.