hmm. Just tried to organise

hmm. Just tried to organise British Gas into renewing my service agreement for my boiler, and then getting an engineer out to look at it. I have a quote that was sent to me for this three weeks ago for £57. Yet when I telephone, I’m told that they have no record of that quote, and that the charge will be £60 for an engineer to visit (i.e. not for a one-year service agreement). Say what?
I’m slightly peeved. I suppose it could be that the quote is only valid if I take up the accompanying quote for maintenance of my fridge and washer/dryer – and, to be honest, I’m quite tempted to do that, as my washer/dryer is in need of some repair work (the drying part is barely functioning) and it might actually be worthwhile. Or I might just phone someone else.