Oh god, not The Bloggies

Oh god, not The Bloggies again already?! I’ve never been nominated for any category in this, although it is hard to see what I’d be eligible for, other than Best European and African Weblog (why do Americans insist on this "EMEA" thing? That’s Europe, Middle East and Africa to you. They lump all three areas together – like Norway and Namibia are such similar nations, with similar peoples, culture and climate. guh. Idiots.) or Weblog of the Year (hahhahaha!) – perhaps if they had a category of Grayblog of the Year, I’d stand a chance, but even then it would be by no means a certainty. I did get nominated for the Antibloggies in their first year, but didn’t even manage to win that – they even spelt the name of the site incorrectly.
I can’t be arsed to vote or nominate. I’m going to bed.
By the way, expect it to be quiet here for the next three days – I’ve got important and enjoyable nothing to do in elegant surroundings and with the most wonderful company, and that will require my full concentration. Wapblogger-powered updates possible only if I can be bothered and have something incredibly important to say.

Why are the little felt

Why are the little felt bits so hard to fit onto the earphones of Nokia hands-free sets? Why can’t they be supplied ready-fitted?
More importantly, why can’t I get the GPRS service to work? And why is the GSM service now dialling a different number to my old handset – am I suddenly being charged for something that I previously got for free? And how long do you think it’ll take for o2 to answer my email to their helpdesk? For some reason, I don’t take the automated reply as a reason for hope:

Thank you for contacting O2 Customer Care.

We have received your message and are currently dealing with your request. We apologise in advance for any delay, but we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

O2 Customer Care

Phil Gyford has started an

Phil Gyford has started an online rendition of Samuel Pepys’ diaries, and writes about it on the BBC.
Discussion has taken place as to what other diaries could be converted to a weblog format – Anne Frank would be an obvious candidate, Nikolai Gogol’s Diary of a Madman a little less obvious, but a weblog version of the Bible could be excellent, particularly if written in the style of a well-known (or not-so well-known) blogger. For example:
April 5th: was riding back from work around the North Circular, when there was a plague of locusts. How odd!

Planning a rail journey across

Planning a rail journey across southern Britain is not easy at the moment. With a combination of engineering work and flooding, it looks like at least part of our rail journey will be by bus. Still, it should be worth it, and it would seem to be safer by train than travelling by boat.