Blimey. I’m having a productive

Blimey. I’m having a productive morning so far. I’ve

  • been to the District Council offices to start the ball rolling on getting planning permission for new windows
  • made an appointment at the optician
  • registered at the local GP (only seven and a half years after moving to Chichester from Barnham!)
  • purchased a CD (Making Bones by Red Snapper), and
  • taken delivery of the CDs I ordered from the States last week, which have turned up amazingly quickly.

Now I am going to spend a few minutes working on more forms and paperwork for PFE before I head down to the bank for my appointment at 11.30, and then on to the office to get ready for a presentation I’m giving in Reading tomorrow night. And, on top of that, it’s a bright and sunny day (if a little chilly in the wind). Things are good.