I feel the urge to

I feel the urge to buy music. Haven’t bought any for several weeks. hmmmmmm. Decisions. King Kooba perhaps? The new Broadcast coming soon. Some classic Hooverphonic? Dunno.

Life would be a lot

Life would be a lot easier around here if certain co-workers (i.e. members of my family) were less crotchety and more relaxed about life. I’ve yet to figure out how it is possible to get so stressed over the most mundane things in life.
I, on the other hand, am in a very good mood this morning. Life continues to treat me reasonably well. All I need is for Friday’s meeting with the Man From NatWest to go well, and I’ll be sorted.

Someone has arrived here by

Someone has arrived here by asking if Walberton is a nice place to live. It is. I lived there for six months, and found it to be a pleasant rural village, with friendly if cliquey people, good local shops, and lovely local walks. The bus service finishes too early in the evening, so car ownership is beneficial. But a bike will do (it was all I had most of the time).