Good progress with the office

Good progress with the office decorating today. But several days of work remain. However, that’ll not stop me from rewarding myself with some beer in the pub this evening (or, more accurately, outside the pub in the evening sunshine).

Still incredibly busy, but managed

Still incredibly busy, but managed to get more painting done this morning in the office. Thanks to the sunny warm weather, each coat is drying quickly, so I may actually get as far as applying some of the emulsion this afternoon.

Oh carp – Blogger swallowed

Oh carp – Blogger swallowed the post I just typed. It was only a ramble about it being a lovely warm sunny day that would have been perfect to spend by the harbour with a picnic and a bottle of crisp white wine. And some good company, of course. Only it was written using much more poetic and romantic language than this rather feeble substitute posting.