I’ve just renewed the web

I’ve just renewed the web hosting for this site for another twelve months. So you’ve got at least another year’s worth of drivel to suffer. Sorry.

Thanks to Bella, I’m now

Thanks to Bella, I’m now up to 20 new tunes for radio grayblog, and I have more up my sleeve yet. So don’t expect the update for a few more days yet, not least because I have other things to do like laundry, eating, sleeping, cleaning the flat, decorating my office and work, as well as occasionally taking a bit of downtime to listen to new music, read, go for a walk or just laze on the sofa. But I am working on it, I promise.

One in four Britons has

One in four Britons has debt other than mortgage. Shock! Whatever next? Grass to be declared green? Sky to be confirmed blue? Honestly, is this such a surprise? When property prices are so high, and people have mortgages which are worth four times their salary or more (or are paying equally astronomical sums in rent), then the only way for most people on typical salaries to have anything other than a most basic lifestyle is to borrow money. The trick, of course, is to carefully plan and manage your borrowings, and not rack up five figure sums on credit cards buying things you don’t really need. Anyone who does that must surely deserve all the hardship they get as a result. All it takes is common sense.
I don’t offer a solution, I just wonder why this is such surprising news.

Hmm. Well, my office furniture

Hmm. Well, my office furniture has been delivered, and it is damaged. One of the feet of the desk is smashed and the "modesty panel" has been badly scored by the other components that were poorly packed. The packaging was badly damaged and the entire carton had clearly either been dropped heavily, or had something heavy dropped on it. Naturally, nobody is at the customer services centre on Sundays, in spite of the fact that MFI stores are open on Sundays and they make deliveries on Sundays. But, hopefully, I should be able to get these items sorted out tomorrow – I can’t construct it just yet anyway, as the panelling and flooring in the office needs to be completed first.