I’m pooped. I’ve worked a

I’m pooped. I’ve worked a very long and hard day, preparing for The Garden Event at West Dean. With a record number of exhibitors taking part, visitor numbers at West Dean up by 30% as a result of winning the Garden of the Year Award and some good press coverage in the local paper, the omens are good. An improving weather forecast bodes well too.
So if you are free this weekend, come down and have a look around. It all looks stunning at the moment – I feel really good about it.
But expect more quiet here on grayblog.

In a small shock to

In a small shock to the system, there are actually two great choons in the chart at the moment, both getting serious airtime on Radio 1, and, shortly, on radio grayblog (I promise I’ll update it, though at the moment it is beginning to look like 75% of the playlist will be altered, and I simply don’t have time at the moment. I value my sleep too much. Sorry.): the excellent Foo Fighters‘ Low, and the lovely Siobhan Donaghy‘s Overrated, which certainly isn’t.

Sad news this morning is

Sad news this morning is of the death of Dr Currier McEwen at the age of 101. "Who he?" I hear you ask. Currier was the greatest breeder of Siberian Iris plants ever, and we grow a number of his plants on the nursery. But the fact that he was still working on his plants up until just a few months before his death suggests to me that horticulture isn’t such a bad life.

Read this slowly. Beer, followed

Read this slowly. Beer, followed by karaoke. Yes, karoake. At the Chicago Rocks. Yes, the Chicago Rocks. With Paul F, Nicky, Michael, DA, Kearn and Jeff. Paul doing Love On The Rocks. Good, but totally overshadowed by Jeff doing Bohemian Rapsody. I’ve not laughed so much in ages.
Paul said to me at the end of the evening: "I’ve not had such a good night in ages. We’ll have to make a point of not coming here again." I concur.
Thoughts miiiiiles away.

Since I can’t be bothered

Since I can’t be bothered to create my own content this evening, and I feel the urge to enjoy this sunny evening with beer in a pub garden, celebrating the fact that PFE has got a great new client today (not sure I can claim credit for it though, but who’s going to care about that?), here is some linkage for you to enjoy:

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  • Marcia lives in the past
  • Tom stands his ground, and uses "foreground" as a verb
  • Davo (does anyone still call him that?) gives a round-up of Kiwi news stories
  • Stuart considers changing the name of his site.

Enough! Go find your own reading material!