Very busy preparing everything I

Very busy preparing everything I need for my trip to the US. Which mainly seems to consist of jars of pickle for my hosts. Hmm.
I suppose I should also get together some stuff for PFE – some business cards at least.

3D Pong, but with a

3D Pong, but with a twist – you control both player paddles. Takes a while to get your head around it, or intensely frustrating, dependinghow you look at it.

I’ve uploaded some of the

I’ve uploaded some of the files, but a whole shedload are still missing. Serves me right for not being sufficiently organised, and having files scattered across five hard drives on four PCs. All the files from my laptop and home desktop are now uploaded. There are some on my work desktop. There are also some on a "retired" desktop that sits in a corner at work, quietly gathering dust. It may take some time for me to get to the files on that one.

This page may look a

This page may look a little odd at the moment, and a lot of the pages will return 404 errors.
Sorry about that. Blame the arseholes that host this site.
Normal service may be resumed shortly, but as I have to prepare for my trip to the US on Saturday, it is not a high priority.

Dear Graham Spencer, We regret

Dear Graham Spencer,

We regret to inform you a power outage occurred at our Data Centre on 23rd July 2003 at 6:00 am GMT. One web server suffered a total data loss.

We will email you directly will details for the new server when it is fully functional so you can upload your website from your backup files.

We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Easyspace Ltd

Fuckers. 34SP, here I come.

I notice I’m getting a

I notice I’m getting a lot more hits from the Indian subcontinent these days, mainly people looking for Aishwarya Rai and her forthcoming film Bride and Prejudice. Rather too many people seem also to be seeking pictures of Aishwarya in the buff, and to be honest, I think you’re fairly unlikely to find any. Certainly not genuine ones. And definitely not here.

This morning I went into

This morning I went into the shop in Lake Lane in Barnham to pick up a newspaper. As I went in the door, Mrs Sobti, the lady of the establishment, was having a conversation with an older male customer:

  • Male Customer – I think he’s a worried man!
  • Mrs. Sobti – He is. I think that we should have the women in charge of the country. If women were running things, then everything would be much better. Just you see! Mark my words!
  • Me (interfering as usual) – We don’t want that! Look what happened with the last woman we had in charge!
  • Mrs S. – Yes, but she did lots of good things whilst she was in power. 55 pence please.
  • MC – You might have a point. We should put the WI in charge. They had the pants off him!
  • Mrs S. – The WI?
  • MC – Yes. Remember he went to speak to them? They had his pants off in five minutes!
  • Mrs S. (neatly steering the conversation away from pants) – Five pence change. He does seem a worried man though.
  • MC – Yes. I think he’ll end up having a stroke!
  • Mrs S. – Or going the same way as Kelly.
  • MC – hmm.
  • Me – thanks! bye! (thought it best to leave at this point!)

Corner shop politics. Better than bar room discussion any day.

As if by magic, this

As if by magic, this afternoon some flyers were put through my letterbox inviting me to get a quotation for timber framed sash windows. How handy!
Don’t think I’ll follow it up though. Especially as Dave might take offence if I were to say what company was behind the offer.