Chichester’s Mayor, Cllr Jean Lebourlier-Woods,

Chichester’s Mayor, Cllr Jean Lebourlier-Woods, has responded to the deaths of three members of the Royal Military Police, which has its headquarters in the city, by saying:

It is like losing members of your own family.

What?? These soldiers were not even based in the city. The Mayor almost certainly never met them. This is the worst sort of sound-bite statement you could imagine.
It is utterly correct that the Mayor should speak on behalf of the city council and the city people to express our condolences. It is also right that flags in the city should be at half mast, as a mark of respect to the dead and their families. But it is not right that we should have such pitifully trite pronouncements from the appointed leader of the local government.

It seems that some explanation

It seems that some explanation of my route to Holland is required (it isn’t that exciting, so you can switch off now, if you like). I’m travelling to Holmes Chapel in Cheshire on Tuesday afternoon and staying over in a local Travelodge. It’s a five hour journey from Chichester, with train changes at Reading and Crewe. On Wednesday, I’ll be attending the Four Oaks horticultural trade show. I’ll leave there late afternoon, then travel by taxi (via the hotel to pick up my bags) to Winsford station to take a train to Runcorn, and then a bus to Liverpool John Lennon Airport, and then fly to Amsterdam Schiphol airport, where I’ll meet Mike who will have travelled in from Gatwick.
Now, if you’ve bothered to click on the links, you might wonder why I’m not taking advantage of the free shuttle bus between the trade show and Manchester airport. Simple – EasyJet will fly me from Liverpool to Amsterdam for £35. From Manchester, I have a choice of KLM (£285) or BA (£335). So a fairly easy choice to make, really.

I’ve just been outside to

I’ve just been outside to look at Mars, low in the southern sky. You can’t miss it – it’s a bright, pinkish-tinted "star", easily visible even near street lamps.
I’ve also just deleted an email from my hotmail account from someone responding to my CV – without reading it first. D’oh! Not that I’m looking for a job, of course, but I’d have been interested to read it anyway.

Windows news: I now have

Windows news: I now have a complete set of drawings ready to submit to the planning office, along with a full set of forms, thanks to David. All they need before being submitted is several examples of Frannie’s signature and mine as well. And the small matter of £110.00.
Hopefully, I’ll get all those signatures over the weekend, and then submit the forms on Monday before I disappear off to Holland via Cheshire.