From the property details of a house that Hels and I will be viewing on Thursday –

An end-of-terrace house being one of a pair properties.

Ah. That’ll be a semi-detached house then.

….wherefore, thereupon and not in prejudice of…

Today, I have received all the forms that my solicitor would like me to complete in advance of the sale of the flat. They relate to the leasehold. As I also own 50% of the freehold, there will be a similar pile of forms relating to that. It appears that I need to check my inside leg measurement, shoe size and IQ, and write those into the appropriate sections of the form, along with a full and complete tally of the number of doorhandles (10), fluorescent tubes (none), extractor fans (1), curtains including net curtains (6) and picture hooks (4). Interestingly, two things that the forms do not require are my name or date of birth.

More bluebells

Today, we went for a short stroll around Wilderness Wood, near Uckfield (stop it!). It comes highly recommended and looks like this:
path between bluebells
The pea and chive soup that is served in the little café is rather good too.


Remember this?
I lost that pair of sunglasses today. I think I left them in one of the houses we went to view. Which is annoying. I’ve had them for five years, and they’ve been to America (three times), Spain (twice), France (three times), Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Germany and Holland, not to mention all corners of the UK. Still, it’s a good excuse to finally buy a new pair.
We viewed two houses this morning, one of which was nice but not quite right (6.5 out of 10) and another not really right at all (4 out of 10). We wanted to view some others, but the property market in the area that we are exploring seems to have suddenly sprung to life. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a few more in the near future.
After that, we went to Brighton, looked at and sampled some chocolate and then sat on the beach having drink and food in the glorious sun whilst admiring the millpond-like sea.

St. George’s Day

Today is St. George’s Day, and I intend to celebrate this later with a pint of good English ale.
On this day, some years ago, a little girl was born. She grew up to be a beautiful, intelligent, funny, quirky, caring, smart, loving, savvy and wonderful woman, much loved by everyone around her. She’s my fiancée.

Happy birthday, Hels. I love you very much.

You what?

You mean I’ve got to work AND provide you people with content?! Sheesh!
Actually, what we really need around here is a silly flash game, but I haven’t seen a good one for a while. The one with the chopsticks and flies was good, although so infuriating that I was nearly forced to put an axe through my monitor.
Any of you people seen anything worth wasting time on?


I’ve tidied up the individual entry archives. They don’t look quite right, but I’m too tired to figure out what I’ve done wrong. Either way, they’re a hell of a lot smarter than they were.