I wasn’t going to comment on the Euro 2004 thingummy, although I was intensely amused by the Italians being knocked out as a result of a 2-2 draw between Denmark and Sweden – the pictures of the Swedes idly kicking the ball back and forth waiting for the whistle to blow for full time must have resulted in some extreme swearing from Italian fans back home.
What I couldn’t fathom, though, was the Beeb’s pundit’s comment that 2-2 is an "unusual score". Any idea where I could find stats on this to prove him wrong?


Sorry for being quiet – mostly due to work pressure, but also because I stepped out of life for a few hours yesterday to spend some time with H.
Normal service will be resumed shortly.
Visitor number 150,000 passed this way at 11.45pm yesterday, having arrived here by searching for "47kg propane". Hmm.

Wet weekend in West Dean

Well, it rained, although only in the form of showers, but enough to dent visitor numbers somewhat. But it wasn’t disastrous, and overall it’s been a pretty good weekend, providing someuseful income for PFE.
Next year will be the tenth Garden Event that I’ve organised at West Dean, a frightening statistic in itself. Already, we’re formulating ideas for ways to celebrate that – my favourite suggestion so far is a champagne bar.

I need more sleep

West Dean was very successful yesterday – if the weather holds, then today should be every bit as good. If you didn’t make it yesterday, (hi Sacha!) then come along today if you can.
In other matters: Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started. Surely I can’t be the only person who for ages has thought that they were singing "Let’s get retarded in here"


Today’s boring entry: I did lots of work today. Will you be visiting West Dean this weekend?