Showers moving west

Goodbye to magnetic clouds, and all that. I think this is rather sad, as I’ve grown up with the familiar three-lobed cloud shapes. It’s possible to look at a BBC weather chart and instantly discern the prevailing conditions, without having to read the accompanying text or listen to the forecaster (although one should always listen to Rob McElwee as he is a minor deity after all – "There’s a deep depression moving in from the Atlantic, and we ALL know what that means, don’t we?"). I also wonder if this will mean the end of the traditional opening of the forecast (well, in days of old at least, and occasionally still today) with a North Atlantic synoptic chart – which, for anyone with even a basic A-level grounding in meteorology, provides enough information to get the general gist of how the weather will be.

Arundel Festival Fringe

Yesterday, we had a potter about the Gallery Trail that forms part of the Arundel Festival Fringe. enjoying the opportunity to see some good art (and some less-good art) as well as the chance to poke about inside other people’s homes. There will be pictures soon.
This was followed by a rather good meal in the Fox Goes Free at Charlton, a haunt from long ago that I haven’t visited in a fair while. Ham, egg ‘n’ chips – mmmmmm.
Today we’re going to saunter around West Dean.

In case you were wondering…

…why I haven’t written here about Brighton and Hove Albion in recent weeks, I think that getting one point from four games is fairly disastrous, and probably not the cause for any optimism. The team clearly needs to do something different to get some more positive results, and whilst I’m not yet calling for the manager’s scalp and still firmly believe that Mark McGhee is a good manager, I do think he needs to be a little less optimistic and a touch more realistic.

Phorm and Spam Guardian

For those sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for exciting news about my software tribulations, I can now report that I have successfully solved all the problems with my form using Phorm, which I rate as excellent. I have also tweaked the settings on Spam Guardian so that it is now tagging about 80% of incoming spam with the filter set to "10". I’m going to alter it to "9" to see if we can increase its sensitivity.
More exciting news as reports come in!

Tinned processed meat

I’ve signed up for the new spam and virus filtering service at 34sp, which has already nipped one virus in the bud. However, I’m having problems finding a suitable level of sensitivity for the Spam Guardian filtering engine. I tried 75 and that filtered nothing. I’ve now set it to 50 and will await results. Anyone else got experience with this? If so, what level have you set? I know that it will take a while to tweak, and I’ll need to set up a lengthy "white list" of safe addresses, but all advice is welcome.
If I get it working well on, I’ll deploy it on too.