Lift off

Looks like I’m "go" for moving out on Friday of this week, handing the keys to my estate agent by midday.
Number 188 has been home for almost exactly five-and-a-half years. Not only that, but it has also been the first home of my own. It’s seen a lot of stories unfold within its walls, and I’ll be sad to leave, though not as sad as I am to leave Chichester.
On the other hand, and much more happily, life is turning a new corner, and the future and its opportunities look fantastic.

In other property news, we’re still trying to sort out things with the sale of Hels’s flat. We’re also looking at re-negotiating the purchase price of the house we’re still attempting to buy, as we have received a valuation survey that prices it a little lower than the offer price.
Stress levels are still high.

Word to the wise

If you plan to set up mail redirection because you are moving house, it pays to be aware that Royal Mail require five working days to set it up, which I guess is not unreasonable. So be sure to set it up more than five working days before you move, ok?

Weighty tome

I have a new headset for my phone. It comes with a manual that is 225 pages long (or thereabouts), of which only 16 are in English.
So what is cheaper? Putting a slim pamphlet in the box when you know which country it is going to (and, therefore, which language is appropriate), or printing a manual that contains 14 different languages?


This picture does not show me tied to some railings with clingfilm whilst being soaked with a watering can and garden hose. Oh no.

Thanks to everyone that came along for my stag night on Saturday. Particular thanks to Kristian at W2, and to Tim for putting the whole thing together. A very good time was had by all (I think – I can’t remember!).


My solicitor has just called. We have, in the last few minutes, exchanged contracts on my flat. I should be out by the end of the week, or next Monday at the latest. Hurrah!
And she continues to work hard on all the other issues relating to Hels’s sale and our new home too. Top marks to her.

Good news

Things are looking up – we now seem to have satisfactory paperwork so that any subsequent sale of Hels’s flat shouldn’t fall at the same hurdle that this last one did (although I’m convinced that the buyer simply changed his mind and used petty reasons as an excuse to weedle out of it). In addition, we’ve confirmed exchange on my flat for Monday with completion by the end of the week.
So we feel a little more positive today.
UPDATE: evidently the paperwork isn’t good enough. Bah. But we’re working on it, and feel confident we can get paperwork that will staisfy everyone by the middle of next week.