Hels and I have had tests this week. Apparently we are normal. This, evidently, is good news.
Make up your own jokes here.


Taking up BT on their broadband upgrade offer? I have, and now surf twice as fast as I did yesterday – if I was nearer to the exchange, I’d be going twice as fast again.
But, if you do, please note that you need to change from PPPoE to PPPoA. If you don’t, you’ll be sitting looking at your PC all day, wondering why you have no broadband connection. Not that I know anyone who did that, of course.
It would have been useful if BT had alerted users to that in advance.
And I have no idea what PPPoE and PPPoA stand for. Or what it means.


It’s been quiet here lately. I promise that I’ll try to write more soon, as well as post some photos from a few recent outings.
In the meantime, please note that this Sunday sees the twenty-second plant fair at Pashley Manor Gardens to have been organised by yours truly. Your attendance will be appreciated – there will be cake.

Wild flower survey

The new edition of the Vascular Plant Red Data List for Great Britain has been published. Whilst there are some positive news points there, it generally makes fairly dismal reading – a large number of plants that were familiar during my father’s childhood are now very much threatened. Hopefully, the list can be used as a tool to improve conservation measures, as well as directing research to areas where it is most needed (a quick scan of the list reveals that our understanding of montane species is pretty poor, for example).