Emily Grace

Huge congratulations to Sarah and Paul who became parents to Emily Grace yesterday. Mum and baby are reportedly doing well, and I’m sure that Dad is still trying to get his head around the concept – even though you have nine months to get ready, nothing really prepares you.

Two years

Today is our wedding anniversary. We have celebrated by taking Tom to  a children’s farm, having tea and cake in a tearoom and collecting some sweet chestnuts (something that we did on the slopes of Mount Etna during our honeymoon). Tonight we’re going out for dinner.

Low key, but just right.

1096 days

Three years ago today, I saw a very beautiful, tall, blonde woman for the first time. She was wearing black leather boots with killer heels, which she’d bought just for the occasion. The fact that she could barely walk in them was neither here nor there.

We’d celebrate this anniversary, if only we both didn’t have filthy colds. Bah! Still, we have our wedding anniversary next week, so hopefully we will recover by then.

More on comment spam

Sometime during the night, Akismet caught the 150,000th spam comment to be sent to this site.

The last 50,000 have taken 104 days to arrive, compared with 95 days for the previous 50,000 and 139 days for the first 50,000. In the last 104 days, an average of 480 spam comments have been submitted each day, which equates to one every three minutes. If it wasn’t for Akismet, I think I would have given up on blogging by now.

There will be content…

…I promise. In the meantime, here is the testcard a photo of Oustreham port at dawn.

Oustreham at dawn, as viewed from the MV Mont St Michel


I like the way that my rather knackered Nokia, struggling with the low light conditions, has produced a fine piece of pointillist art.