Flawed thinking

The LibDems want to introduce a tax on homes worth more than £1million.

So, aside from it being a tax on aspiration as well as a tax levied on those whose home has increased in value without them moving house, what’s to stop the über-rich at whom this headline-grabbing proposal is aimed from renting a home in the UK and actually having their main home (and, presumably, their principal tax liability) in some other country? Remember Mick Jagger in the Seventies? He moved abroad primarily to escape the punitive taxes on the rich, taking much of his money with him – and money held overseas can not be taxed in the UK, so the Treasury actually loses out, not gains, from such a policy.

Has del.icio.us changed the way I blog?


Oh sorry, were you expecting more? Well, if you insist.

I’ve noticed a similar trend on a few other blogs – the old style of posting a very short entry with a link and short comment (sometimes no comment at all) gives way to a (more-or-less) daily digest of links, most usually with some sort of explanatory note or comment. On the plus side, it means that I am tending to post more links here, which is probably a good thing, but I’m not sure that the links that I’m posting are necessarily that interesting to readers as I tend to use del.icio.us to bookmark things that are of interest to me as well as those that might interest or amuse you. As it is, it possibly renders the “amusing links” category virtually obsolete as I now tend to put those links in via del.icio.us (bl.ood.y d.ot.s!).

Whether it means that I will actually write more longer posts to provide something relatively interesting to read between the link lists is another matter. I do seem to be writing a little more here at the moment, which I think is a good thing (though you may not agree). I may even write something interesting one day, although those of you who have been foolish to hang around for the better part of seven years waiting for that to happen don’t seem to have learned your lesson yet.

I’ve also wondered what del.icio.us and other similar sites might mean for the traditional linklog site. At the moment, sites like Darren’s continue to use the familiar linklog format, with Darren having a link to his del.icio.us feed in the sidebar. But will the social bookmark sites change or even eventually kill off the linklog? Couldn’t Darren simply feed his del.icio.us output into LMG? Or have I missed something?

UPDATE: I should add that I like and admire LMG and would hate for it to die a horrible death. The same goes for Darren.

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