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In the course of my work, I’m expected to have an understanding of the following statement contained in an urgent information release issued today by the Plant Health and Seeds Inspectorate:

HMRC ‘SAD H’ declarations for imports of plant health controlled goods
On 20th January 2008 the use of HMRC’s Harmonised data set becomes mandatory. Based on advice from colleagues in HMRC the following guidance is given on the action to take if a Quarantine Release Certificate is not available for a consignment of plant health controlled goods: As the use of the QRC is being delayed, for the interim period traders importing plant health controlled goods will need to declare the EU Document Code N851 allocated to the Plant Health Phytosanitary Certificate (rather than UK Document Code 9115) and a Document Reference that includes Licence Type PHC (rather than Licence Type QRC) at the item level of the Harmonised SAD. Section 8 of JCCC (07) 29 in the following link ITSW: Automatic Licence Verification (ALV) for HMI and PHSI provides more information. As an example, a consignment of plant health controlled goods with a Plant Health Phytosanitary Certificate issued in Ecuador would have a Document reference declared on the Import SAD something like ECPHC123456 (EC being the country code for Ecuador, PHC relating to the licence type for the Plant Health Phytosanitary certificate and 123456 being the number of the phytosanitary certificate covering that consignment).

SAD? No. Confused? You bet.

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