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  • Home – Skylark
    This shop is rather small, but I could happily spend hours (and lots of money) in there. I've always felt that the range of stuff on offer is more or less aimed at someone like me – eclectic books and music, fun small gifts, slight nostalgia for the 80s and early 90s, an interest in things out-of-the-ordinary-but-not-too-far-out. Very highly recommended.
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  • BBC News – Dutch coffee shops fear coalition crackdown
    I'm always surprised by the widely-held perception that the Dutch are liberal. I would say that their culture is actually quite conservative (hardly any towns have Sunday shopping, for example). And whilst possession of a small quantity of cannabis is "tolerated" (note the word), trading is illegal. Many towns have either been shutting the brown coffee shops down or, like Maastricht, changed planning laws so that they must be sited on industrial estates on the edge of town. Personally, I'm all for shutting them down – it might make tourists look a little further in the Netherlands, beyond the soft drugs to the culture, cuisine and history.
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