ohmiiiiiigod! will it *ever* stop

ohmiiiiiigod! will it *ever* stop raining?? the ground is so wet that working on it is impossible. the fields and roads are flooded – I had to wade to work this morning! if we don’t get some dry weather soon, I’m going to start building an ark.

college last night was more dull than dullness itself – we’re just going over what we did last year but in less detail – dull-o. tonight I have a tutorial, for which I have prepared nothing at all.
so to cheer myself up, I went to the pub last night with KF – all verrrry interesting. we had a long chaaaaaaat about “stuff” – haven’t done that for ages, and it’s actually quite gratifying to know that we still can.

of course, this morning I’m completely shattered – and *still* coughing! why? will it ever end?

right, ought to do some work, and maybe spend some time at www.connex.co.uk in preparation for the tutorial. guh.

weekend report: Friday night –

weekend report:
Friday night – stayed in *shock*. Cooked absolutely fantastic (in my opinion) Catalan style chicken with chorizo – was lovely.
Saturday – spent the day working with my Dad to fix my plumbing – will take more time yet, probably several days. In the evening – stayed in again *shock*. Cooked chorizo, mushroom and tomato with pasta.
Sunday – pootled about not doing much. Worked on AW’s website for work and had lunch at the Park Tavern.

so a quiet and restful weekend, although I still feel very very tired. Why?

other news: not much. and it’s raining. guh.

well, I think that last

well, I think that last night’s beer session could be classed as a success. Nine people turned up – me, Hev, Charlotte, Georgie, Phil, Chris, Leigh, Libby and Patrick – not a bad show. Some of them mooched off fairly early, but the die-hards stuck it out to the end (me, Hev and Patrick). AW, DA, KM, and SH turned up too, towards the end of the evening, having spent part of the evening listening to PF and the band in the Punch House. James showed up too. Unbelievable that the Punch House, which has been completely rebuilt inside since it was gutted by fire (and is now called the Royal Arms, which no-one likes), is so unbelievably awful – you’d think they would have taken the opportunity to make it a great pub, but no, it’s still as crap as it always was.
Tried out new choccy treat from you know where last night too, although we were both a bit too drunk to fully appreciate it – have plans for tonight though (-;
Right – much to do….

have been co-ordinating tonight’s post-college

have been co-ordinating tonight’s post-college piss-up. looks like we should get at least some people to turn up, although Sue (most likely of the newbies to get pissed) and Sally (popular newbie) are not coming. but I think about 7 or 8 of us should go. but then I did say that last time. somehow, I have to drag myself to the dentist by 8am tomorrow as well. god knows how.

you will notice that I have used names for people here. I’m considering dropping the idea of abbreviating people’s names, and actually using, like, um, their names. not sure if it is a good idea (being slightly paranoid that the net has more than its fair share of stalkers and cranks [not **you** of course!!]), but it will make it easier to read if I do. oh I don’t know……..I guess I’ll maintain the status quo for now. (no Rick Parfitt jokes please).

can’t focus on work today – really tired, and not enough caffeine.

fixed the bug on the

fixed the bug on the work website yesterday – seems to work now, which is good.

got our textbooks at college last night (at last). they are bloody heavy.
guess I might have to read them. guh.

most curious phrase read on

most curious phrase read on a weblog today:
“to go postal”
meaning: to loose one’s rag, go ballistic, become angry.

I have days when I could go postal. Thankfully, today isn’t one of them.

yup – yesterday *was*

yup – yesterday *was* boring. I wasn’t impressed by the way that about four people pointed out that I have put on weight – one even asked when the baby was due. not impressed. maybe I’ll have to give up on beer and eating and do some exercise……naaaaah!

TPL – 30 points this week. total now 178. I’d be much happier if it was nearer 250. no trophy for me unless there is an amazing turnaround in fortunes.

weekend report – Friday. went to the bar. got drunk.
Saturday – work by day (doing a lecture in Dorset), pub by night. AW went home early, so I went to IC’s after the pub and shared a cab back with DA and SH. more interestingly, KF is back from holiday and waxing lyrical about the Kennedy Space Center and lap dancers. Hopefully, I’ll extract more details from him when he has his photos (he says there aren’t too many – I thought he’d have gazillions of them). also, JG, who introduced me to AW, has got engaged to AM – and amazingly happy they look too, which is all good stuff.
Sunday – spent the day with AW, went for pub lunch, generally flopped about and did not a lot, which was good, and much needed. I’m still a bit run down after my cold (and still coughing too), so a rest day was good.

work to do….

not much time to write

not much time to write today, as I have to scoot off in a minute to London to spend half the day staffing a promotional stand for the Hardy Plant Society – and, yes, that is as dull as it sounds.

have been getting this blog listed on a couple of blogdirectories, so hopefully there are a few new people reading this – so “Hello” to all of you. Send me a mail if you feel that way inclined.

will do a weekend report soon, I promise, although there isn’t much to tell, as usual. Will spare you some portions of the weekend as well, as that is on a strictly need to know basis (although it involves some products from here, again!).

just noticed I forgot to put in last week’s TPL score: a not-very-exciting 26, taking my total to 148. Doesn’t look like I did too well at the weekend either, with no goals scored, although my defenders did better than they usually do.

right…..train to catch…

have my new toy

have my new toy up-and-running. it seems pretty good, although I’m always wary of making rash judgments (yeh, right – like, I never jump to conclusions *at all*). if I feel really really keen, I might scan something and put it on here. like pictures. and stuff.

AW is dead stressed – she’s been left in charge of the school while the rest of the senior staff have gone on a “field trip” (aka – piss up) to the Isle of Wight. so far, she has had to deal with plain old disobedience, followed by screaming, topped off by kids hurling fists and feet at each other and then the staff, including AW, followed by invective-a-go-go. yesterday, some of the kids dismantled some pencil-sharpeners so they could get the blades out in order to mutilate themselves, each other, and anyone who came near them.
now remember that these kids are ten years old. what are they going to be like when they are fifteen? 18? 21? borstal beckons, methinks.

on a different educational note, we have a new guy on our marketing course. I’m not sure of his name, or what he does (brewing I think), but he is mucho weirdo. we were talking about using party plans to sell things – you know, like Tupperware do. This guy had never heard of this concept, and did not know what Ann Summers sell (cool site by the way) – he was amazed at the idea of women inviting other women around to their home in order to play with and buy…well, you know. We advised him to get out a bit more….

the course is a bit of problem. we still haven’t got our textbooks yet, four weeks into the course with just nine weeks to go until the exams. great. I’ve been out and bought a copy of Total Relationship Marketing by Evert Gummersson (it’s on Amazon if you’re that interested) although I’ve not started reading it yet – well, actually I have, but only the first two pages. and there is soooooo much reading to be done – I can barely keep up with the photocopied handouts, let alone the textbooks.

anyway, going to get away from it all tonight with a trip to W2. and KF is back from his holiday this weekend too, with 3000000 photos, no doubt. and at least I managed to sleep last night without waking up repeatedly to cough.