Minutiae alert

Over the weekend, the following was achieved:

  • lunch was attended
  • our mortgage was secured – house-hunting can now begin in earnest
  • we travelled to London to meet up with my cousin Gemma to celebrate her birthday, meet a few of her friends and then head to Brick Lane for a splendid Bangladeshi meal
  • we explored new home possibilities
  • we introduced my parents to Hels’s parents over lunch, which turned out to be much easier than we had anticipated
  • we clambered around the ramparts of Lewes Castle
  • we went for drinks with Lord Percy and Lady Bren, with sightings of Malcolm and Paul F
  • we did some painting in the kitchen (oooo! paint! rollers! emulsion! gloss!) whilst Dad fitted replacement taps and a new bath panel in my bathroom
  • we ripped up the carpet in the living room (not a euphemism for anything, honest)

Fun. Packed. I can tell you.