Cheerful chappie

At last, a major step forward has been taken in the refurbishment of the flat – new carpet has been laid today in the hallway and living room, and it looks really good. I’m kicking myself for not touching up the paint on the skirting whilst there was no carpet here, but I’m sure that can be overcome. As it is, I’m padding back and forth around the flat, enjoying the warm softness underneath my socks. All good stuff.
With that hurdle overcome, and the carpet in the bathroom and kitchen likely to be finished by tomorrow night, or Saturday at the latest, I’ve arranged for two estate agents to come around next Wednesday and give me their best patter. One of them will be rewarded with the chance to sell this place, unless I get a cash offer in the meantime from one of you lot (I’m not holding my breath). I think the flat looks cracking, and once the windows are done (application going in just as soon as Dave sends me the drawings), I reckon that this will be one of the best one bed flats in Chichester.