Expecting liberties

I organise plant fairs as part of my work.
There is one this Sunday at Pashley Manor Gardens in East Sussex. The weather forecast is good, the publicity is definitely working and I’m feeling very positive about it. Come along if you like – it’s only a fiver to get in, including the fabulous gardens.
I sent the application forms to potential participant organisations in late February. They had until 31st March to return them. Plenty of time, you would think.
Why then do some businesses expect to be admitted if they phone up on the Friday before? And, for that matter, try to make me feel bad by saying that they’ve been coming for years (which is true – but then they’ve also expected to come at the last minute before too).
This plant fair is very heavily subscribed with participants – more than would be good if the weather was bad. I’ve already turned away three potential participants because the event is over-subscribed.

I just find it so annoying.