A memorable figure

I’ve just heard that my secondary school English teacher, George Rafferty, has died at the age of 75.
He was a remarkable figure and an excellent teacher. He engaged with the kids in such a way that being in his lessons was a fun experience. His spittle-strewn, Scottish-accented speech was just the thing for a class studying the Scottish play for O-level (screeching When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning and in rain? He was particularly good at Upon the heath!) and his passion for teaching was evident in every lesson. Plagued by ill-health (his pill-rattling mock death by Sarah’s desk is something that will live in my memory for years) and perhaps mis-treated by the powers-that-be at the school, he always had the interests of his students at the heart of his work – I think that the people that I went through school with are testament to his teaching abilities.
Definitely someone who I’ll remember for the whole of my life.