As given to our family. No prizes, just the satisfaction of knowing you got some of the questions right. Answers in the comments please. I’ll publish the answers next week somewhen. And remember that you’ll get no satisfaction if you use Google.


  1. Name all of the orignal declared candidates for the Tory party leadership.
  2. England won the Ashes series 2-1. Give the results (win, lose or draw for England) in the correct order for all five tests.
  3. Charles Kennedy became a dad during the election campaign. What name did he and his wife give their child?
  4. Lucy d’Abreu, the oldest person in the UK, died this year. How old was she? (just the years!)
  5. Name the other three teams in England’s group for the World Cup.

CHILDREN’S ROUND (easy questions for the kids!)

  1. Name the lion in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
  2. What sport do they play at Hogwarts?
  3. Name Wallace’s favourite cheese.
  4. How many colours of the rainbow are there?
  5. What’s the name of the policeman in Balamory?


  1. In the Twelve Days of Christmas, what did my true love give to me on the fourth day?
  2. What gifts did the Three Wise Men bring to the infant Jesus?
  3. Charlie Chaplin died on Christmas Day – in which year?
  4. What do you traditionally do at Christmas under Viscum album?
  5. There are three verses in the carol Deck The Halls With Boughs of Holly. How many “la”s are there in total in the whole carol?


  1. If Doe is a deer, a female deer, what is Te?
  2. If petrol costs 90 pence per litre, how much does it cost for an imperial gallon? (within 5p either way will be considered correct)
  3. In which year was the original King Kong movie made?
  4. According the the Office for National Statistics, what are the number one names for girls and boys born this year?
  5. Name the capital of Pakistan.

TIE-BREAKER: In which year was the last Dodo seen alive? (nearest answer wins).

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