Thorny situation

  • 2.15pm – Monty walks into the house, limping
  • 2.16pm – I get scratched as I try to see what the problem is
  • 2.20pm – arrange 2.50pm appointment with the vet
  • 2.23pm – phone Hels
  • 2.25pm – dig cat carrier out of the shed
  • 2.30pm – phone childminder to arrange collecting Tom early
  • 2.32pm – leave home
  • 2.40pm – collect Tom
  • 2.50pm – arrive at vet
  • 3.00pm – go into examination room, juggling cat, son and Miffy toy
  • 3.02pm – vet extracts thorn from Monty’s paw, advising that if it had been left there would have been an abcess and general nastiness, and administers antibiotic
  • 3.05pm – nurse agrees that Miffy is suffering from Dirty Ear Disease and needs a bath
  • 3.06pm – nurse relieves yours truly of £32.41
  • 3.15pm – arrive home. Release disgruntled cat. Monty licks his wounds on his paw. I lick the wound on my wallet.

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