hi – welcome to Grayblog

hi – welcome to Grayblog
exciting, isn’t it!!

you may want to know a bit about me….

well, I’m Graybo
let’s get the boring bits out the way:
male, 29, 6ft1in, resident in Chichester, Sussex, UK. Work in horticulture. I’m single but firmly attached to AW, who I met nearly 7 months ago. She’s female, 34, 5ft4in, resident in Aldwick, Sussex, UK. She works in education.

I drink in W2, which is a bar. I go there with my friends:
KF – male, 29, an old school friend. Works in computing.
SJP – female, 29, also an old school friend. Works in publishing.
FC – female, 30, met thru SJP. Works in publishing.
PF – male, 35, met in W2. Works in design.
IC – male, 31, met in W2. Works in entertainment.
SK – female, 31, met….um…not sure actually. In W2 I guess. Works in publishing. Loosely attached to IC.
AR – male, 30, met in W2. Works in computing.
KM – male, 40, met in W2. Works in horticulture.
DA – male, 30ish, met in W2. Jeweller.
SH – female, 30ish, met in W2. Works in computing. Attached to DA.
TK – female, 28, sister of SK. Dancer.

there are others. I guess I’ll introduce them as we go along.

So what am I doing with a blog?
dunno really. I used to keep a diary long ago, but it got to be a bit of a pain, all that writing and pens and stuff. So this is kinda going to be a diary, plus a forum for me to vent my spleen every now and then and ramble on aimlessly about whatever might be troubling me.

or something like that…..