I’m perturbed. According to RW,

I’m perturbed. According to RW, your youth runs out when you are thirty. This gives me little more than six months of youth left to mis-spend. But then I guess the world looks that way when you are 25.
Actually, now I am 29 [nearly 30], I’ve come to the conclusion that mis-spendable youth comes in two varieties – that which exists between years 0 and 18 or 21, and that which occurs after you are 31. 29 is the least youthful age of all, and yet all my 31+ friends seem to mis-spend as much of their time as they possibly can. I also think the capacity for mis-spending increases with wealth, and how many 21 – 29 year olds do you know with enough money to seriously mis-spend their time?

of course, my feeling of youthfulness is probably related to my health. As I now have a headache in addition to the sore throat *and* it’s raining **and** I have to go to college tonight ***and*** I have no food in the house, I’m feeling particularly unyouthful!