top entertainment at “Games Night”

top entertainment at “Games Night” on Saturday was Sacha’s “Hat Game”. The rules are easy – divide the assembled masses into teams. Each and every player puts ten pieces of paper into a hat/box/other recepticle, upon which they have written the name of a TV show, actor/ress, film, kitchen utensil……whatever. The important thing is that they have not shown anyone else what they have written.
It’s a bit like charades, or that game they play on Never Mind the Buzzcocks – a player from each team takes a piece of paper from the box and tries to get the other members of their team to guess what is on the paper without actually saying what is written there. Each player has one minute, and the winning team is the one that guesses most correctly.
Of course, everyone gets very stressed and leaps up and down and shouts a lot, which is not good for relations with your neighbours – but who cares about them?