just thought I’d come online

just thought I’d come online again and have a look at my lovely new domain…..oh, I’m SOOOO houseproud!
SJP has e-mailed me – she looked at Grayblog for the first time today, and is a complete blogging virgin. of course, I have been busy extolling the virtues of blogging to her, and suggested that she should get her own. rest assured, that if she does (and as a fledgling geek, I would expect her to!), there will be a link in the navbar.
Talking of links in navbars, I helped Nick set up Nick’s Pad more than two weeks ago – and how much blogging has he done? not a lot, I can tell you. go to his Pad and send him a mail, otherwise I’ll be most put out.
And on the subject of being put-out (notice the smooth segues in this post as we glide smoothly from one topic to another without pause – oh, hang on, I think I’ve paused. dammit!), my popularity rating at Bloghop is a paltry 56%. Look down the navbar – see the little coloured squares? Click the green one!! Now! Yes, that’s it, the one on the left! Go on! I’ll feel so much better if you do. I might even give you something in exchange – germs? a hereditary disease? the choice is yours.