other news: ill: spent much

other news:
ill: spent much of Sunday night and yesterday being ill, probably due to food poisoning. will spare you the details, but suffice to say that it’s probably a great aid to weight loss.
gas man: engineer came yesterday and serviced my boiler (no problems) and fixed the dysfunctional radiator in the bedroom (by tapping it with a hammer!). all this took about 25 minutes for which I paid £65. hmm.
windows: nice man from TRP Glazing came to measure up the windows yesterday and will be sending a quote through soon. I expect around £1500 – £2000 for new Georgian style PVCU double glazing, plus the cost of planning permission.
ex-girlfriend e-mail: having consulted widely on this matter (especially with Andrea), I’ve decided to send a friendly-but-not-too-friendly reply. more bulletins as events warrant.
weather: Dave has posted a link to some images showing what will happen if the Antarctic ice sheets melt. Actually, with the amount of rain now falling on Sussex, we could reach that scenario fairly soon. Work has started on the new emergency flood relief channel for Chichester, which will save W2 and Kev’s house from flooding, but will probably lead to Pagham being flooded instead.
shopping: tonight is a special evening for account holders at Waitrose – I predict much fine food purchasing.